We have moved! Operation Overwatch is now located at the Double Diamond Equestrian Center in Boerne, TX. This move enables us to work with our clients and their dogs in a more comprehensive, personalized and immersive manner, drastically improving the process. Our move also facilitates partnerships that we have built and continue to build to offer a more complete, holistic approach to serving our Veterans, First Responders and those that need help mitigating PTSD, minor TBI, seizure alert and mobility assistance.

With our new location, enhanced opportunities, strategic partnerships and ability to properly run our program, we encourage any one that has questions, ideas or want to support our mission to give us a call or a visit!

We also have reinstated our foster program, eliminating the problems directly associated with a kennel environment that many dogs are rescued from. The frustration, anxiety and housebreaking issues are greatly reduced, allowing us to access the true dog even quicker, and helping us in our motto. “Healing at Both Ends of the Leash™”.

We are now almost to the point of providing fully trained Service Dogs for no cost to the end user, which has been made possible by generous corporate donations as well as individuals that have decided to make a donation or set up recurring monthly donations at our donation portal, www.HealingAtBothEndsOfTheLeash.com.

Thank you to all of you that have supported us this past year and that are continuing to support as we bring dogs and people together to heal.


Semper Fidelis, Brice